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Orissa - Transforming and changing lives

Orissa – Transforming and changing lives


The project undertaken by kids.R.ok is unique in many ways and challenging. kids.R.ok took up this challenge to do our pilot project in Urladani Village, Orissa. Orissa has high percentage of illiteracy with majority of the population classified as tribal’s i.e. people living in forests. The region though is rich in minerals like iron and coal. This has led to a lot of deforestation leaving the tribal people with no home and also making the naxalite movement grow more. The primary reason why we went there was to help these children who were not known to the outside world and lived in such pitiable conditions without much support or hope for a better future.



All the children go to the Public schools at the village, following the Orissa state syllabus. Better quality education can be provided in Private/ English medium school, but they require school fees which can be provided if the children can get continual financial backing.

Geographical locations:

The children ́s home is located in a small village called Urladani which is in Kalahandi district. One can read in detail about our team journey to Orissa through our blog post: https://kidsrok07.wordpress.com/2015/03/09/the-journey-to-orissa-childrens-home/


Daily food is mainly rice with curry and fruits. On special occasions, children get meat (Chicken /Fish/Mutton) with rice.

Care taker staff:

  • Total of 4 members
  • 2 members in charge for study help
  • All take rotational responsibilities like cooking, cleaning and other general tasks.

Kids.R.ok. Education Aid plan:

We think it would be beneficial for the children in our children’s home to grow up having good English spoken and written knowledge.

Our plan is to hire a teacher who can stay at the village or at the nearest town, to come to the children’s home and spend time with the children every day for a couple of hours teaching them English.

Learning English can be challenging and time consuming (it is still considered an easy language to adapt), we can see that it is also very valuable to learn and creates many opportunities for the children future.

To get a visual view of the work done in Orissa project, have a look at our youtube channel:

Contact us for more information: info@kidsrok.org


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