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Saidapet Slum Project – Educating one child at a time

The education project for children growing in Chennai slums is kids.R.ok new project. Children who want to get well educated struggle growing up in the slums where the easy way to thrive is by joining gang members or do crime. In most household, it is the women who are raising the children by doing cleaning work at residential homes or worse by prostitution.

The children themselves are sweet but lack in moral guidance. We need to show that they can become good citizens in the future and show our love to them by carrying out our vision of ‘education first’!

Place: Saidapet, Chennai
Time: 18:00 – 20:00
Monday – Friday

20 children have been selected in all, ranging from 2nd grade to 10th grade. We alternate the primary kids to come on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, while the junior school level kids come on the other alternative days. This makes the teaching process effective as the teacher is able to focus on the small group with the right aid for each child needing school work help.

To those who would like to come and volunteer on any evening that you wish to, please contact: sunjeet@kidsrok.org


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