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Our Story

Who We Are

Kids.R.Ok began with an idea of creating a platform where individuals of various backgrounds could come together and make an impact to a great social need.

The great social need we have identified is ‘Education’ for all children.

Kids.R.Ok emphasis is on children getting a quality education and the necessary support required for them to find their pursuit of happiness. Education is the key to providing them with a stable future, as it not only provides these children a way out of hopelessness, it also does the greater society good, by bringing a generation out from the ceaseless cycle of poverty.


Our vision is to uplift every needy child who is entitled the basic necessities of life – food to eat, home to sleep and education to become what one aspires to be.


Our mission is to gather all resources required for the children to give them a solid foundation to build their life upon – support for acquiring knowledge, equipping the children to grow in right environment, tools to develop skills.


We base our work ethic solely for providing and uplifting the destitute children in the world

We aspire to show our purpose with hard work, sincerity, unity and respecting different cultures by upholding the basic principles of Biblical love and empathy

All donated funds (100%) go directly for the sole purpose of children education aid and projects aimed benefiting the children

We are committed to the highest standard of integrity in stewardship and communication with our supporters and partners

We do what we do always with a smile!

Meet The Team

Allan Ashok
Founder & Director SWEDEN

Email: allan@kidsrok.org

Sunjeet Sudhir
Co-founder & Director INDIA

Email: sunjeet@kidsrok.org

Rebecca Solomon
Director USA

Email: rebecca@kidsrok.org

Adeline Ashok
Editor in Chief
Jonathan Osbeck
Strategic & Development Manager - Sweden
Thirza Van Den Broek
Project Manager Sweden
Kadhambari Sridhar
Content Manager
Ester Osbeck
Accountant - Sweden
Smreethi Sathyan
Accountant - India
Swetha Sunjeet
Marketing Director
Mikaela Robertsson
Marketing Manager - Sweden
Keren Benjamin
Marketing Manager INDIA
Susanna Fors
Event Manager - Sweden
Roy Robinson
Event Manager - India
Vikram Aravamudhan
Web Developer
Mahesh Madhaven
Design Manager
Sathyan Swaminathan
Social Media Manager
Daniel Solomon
Karuppayee Meyyappan
Accountant - USA
Gloria Cheang
Graphic Designer
Sumith Sudheer
Assistant Designer & volunteer
Celina Kazen