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Be A Volunteer

Be A Volunteer

We need you.

Who can apply to be a Volunteer?

We believe everyone is equal in sharing responsibilities both great and small in contributing to uplift the destitute children and aid these wonderful children to grow up with a smile.

We only ask that you return one good deed with another and perform an act of kindness to another. In this way, the cycle of compassion and goodwill will continue indefinitely.

What are the benefits?

With a growing young volunteering base, we’ve been able to accomplish more, and have a greater impact on the lives of the children. We welcome you with open arms. Please inquire today about how you can become a cherished part of our “Education First” movement.

Find happiness and strength through volunteering with Kids.R.Ok

How you can help



Local Community

Persons who have a passion for teaching can help the children by volunteering to come to the place to stay and teach. We would like to invite both school teachers and students, who would like to impart their knowledge and understanding to the children. The amount of time you spend can be of your own convenience.

Contact: evangelin@kidsrok.org

Health is an important aspect for a growingchild. We encourage doctors & nurses to visit the children’s home, to give them regular health check-up. Bringing in medicine supplies would be very helpful, considering the fact that the high costs of buying medicines.

Contact: allan@kidsrok.org

You can do it from where you are!

One can utilize your local communities like churches, schools and social groups to organize fund raisers locally to help the children and raise awareness of your work.

Contact: info@kidsrok.org

Volunteer Testimonial

I am an inquisitive person and find great joy in constantly learning new things. I believe that ‘knowledge is the key to a worthy life’

I am a postgraduate student of advertising and an aspiring teacher. I am passionate about painting, writing, music and reading. I also take keen interest in understanding politics and social science. I have always felt a calling with regards to working with children and that’s what led me toward kids.R.ok. My experience has been enriching and one that has taught me a lot about myself and the society we live in. I will be forever grateful for this opportunity.

Keren Benjamin, Marketing Manager - kids.R.ok India

How To Apply?

Step 1: Write to us

Get in touch directly with our team or email us your motivation to volunteer. Highlight your skills, interests and what might best suit your schedule.

Step 2: Send us the application form

Download a Volunteer Application, fill it in, and email your completed application to info@kidsrok.org

Step 3: We will contact you

Once your application has been received, you will be contacted to discuss exactly how you can help Kids.R.Ok with your commitment and skills.

Note for Volunteers: Volunteers are expected to take care of their own expenses due to our policy of compliance to 100% donation model. Kids.R.Ok can provide logistics support depending on the nature of event or volunteering effort.

Want to be a Intern? Click here

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