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Unexpected meet up

The sun was setting after a beautiful Sunday in Chennai, India. Myself, Susanna and Sunjeet had a busy morning attending a kids.R.ok youth meeting organized in a church by our youth leaders. I was able to share to about 30 youngsters on my inspiration to start kids.R.ok and what we are doing currently. We were happy at the positive response of many youngsters who came to us after the meeting, saying that they would like to volunteer and help kids.R.ok.

2015-02-15 17.25.00

In the evening Sunjeet, Adeline, myself and Susanna had gone to visit a slum in Saidapet Chennai, to oversee our potential future children’s project in Chennai city. It was at this moment, that Smreethi and Sathyan who were visiting Chennai for the weekend, sent a message to Sunjeet for a possible meet up. I thought it would be splendid if we could ensemble the whole team together, as it was a Sunday and it is not often that we as a team can all meet together face to face. I messaged Mahesh, who immediately replied affirming that he could make it, and so did Roy who was travelling back from Pondicherry conveying that he will join us for the team meet up.

So it was decided the time 19:00 at Amethyst, a popular cafe in Chennai.


The unexpected meet up happened, the Indian kids.R.ok team sitting together around one table. The team has always been in communication via online tools but this face to face meet up was a first. We enjoyed delicious deserts and starters along with coffee, milkshakes and tea, all sponsored by Sunjeet Sudhir.


We then had a team debrief about our current Orissa project and potential new children’s project in Chennai. Roy was voted n by our team to be our new Event Manager and Sathyan as our Social Media Manager. The team discussed the various possibilities of volunteer growth and fund raisers through events held in Chennai. It was an eventful meeting with all the team members contributing to the meeting with their insights, suggestions and proposals.


The team meeting winded up with some selfies and a group photo. The team bid adieu to one another parting ways but still remaining connected through our vision for kids.R.ok and of course the internet.


My thought before my departure to Sweden was how grateful I am to have such a cast of wonderful teammate’s onboard kids.R.ok.

/Allan Ashok

Kids.R.ok Founder & Director | Sweden

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