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Science day with the children

                                                                January 22, 2018


I am writing this report to share my experience of having a science day at our Thriuvanmiyur centre.  6 of my friends came along with me. It was a very good experience for all of us. We shared few moral stories with them, and performed 2 basic science experiments and explained them the phenomena behind those experiments . We also played 2 games which will help the children to concentrate and focus more and at the same time they can have fun while playing. The children were very active the entire time.

We all had a great pleasure spending time with these children. This helped us to realize how blessed some of us are and awe also learnt that there are so many children like them who need our help to educate them. Overall it was a blessed experience 🙂


Description of the experiments

Why use dish wash?

In this experiment we explained children that why we use dish wash or surf-excel to wash clothes. We taught them two scientific terms Hydrophilic (hydro= water, philia=love) and Hydrophobic(hydr= water, phobia= fear).

For this experiment we used 2 transparent plastic glasses, oil,water and surf excel powder.

In 1st glass we added water and oil. We showed that oil keeps floating above the water and never mixes with the water. This is due to hydrophobic nature of water towards oil.

In 2nd glass we added water,oil and surf-excel powder. On adding surf the oil mixes with water due to hydrophilic nature of soap towards water.

So when we use soap, one end of soap attaches to water and the other end attaches to oil. This causes the water to break oil into smaller molecules and wash them away

Magic with ink:

In this experiment we used 2 transparent plastic glasses,ink, normal water, hot water and vinegar. In one glass we add normal water and add ink slowly In drops. In this case the ink stays in the water and spreads very slowly.

In the 2nd glass we added hot water and again added drops of ink slowly. The ink disappears quickly and. The reason behind this is diffusion( in tamil it’s called parraval).

The diffusion rate is directly proportional with temperature. And so in high temperatures the diffusion occurs quickly and ink disappears quickly.

This ink appears again when vinegar is added into the hot water. This is due to the breaking of carbon bonds present in the acid when it comes in contact with hot water. These carbon atoms then gets oxidised and gives the color.


Thank you.

Danny and friends

(kids.R.ok Project Coordinator – Thiruvanmiyur)

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