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India Projects

KIDS.R.OK runs several evening schools in different locations in Chennai, India. These locations have strategically been chosen due in slum areas where the kids families' cannot afford private school or where higher education is normally not achieved and strived for. We would like to give these kids more support in their education pursuit and empower the kids by giving them role models through our mentorship program. We want to make them believe that education does matter and that higher education is possible no matter what background they come from. Each evening school is run by two part-time employed teachers and all evening schools are overseen by our project manager who are challenging and inspiring the teachers in this journey to make an impact in these children's lives.

We know the challenges that the world faces today. Our team members come from various educational backgrounds and culture, bringing diversity to our organization in a global world to solve global problems.

When we work, we roll up our sleeves and become committed to the cause of our goals. Our success is measured by the number of children reached in providing aid and resources to their upliftment. That’s why we invest whatever resources that are needed and raise money from our donor to meet the urgent needs.

kids.R.ok Team, Commitment & Experience

Season’s Greetings – Christmas Program 2020

Christmas is a season of love and joy. Soaking in the spirit of the season, the students of Kids.R.Ok celebrated Christmas on Sunday, 20th December 2020. The Christmas program, called ‘Season’s Greetings’, was conducted virtually through Zoom from 5 – 6 pm. Parents, teachers and students from Thiruvanmiyur, Saidapet and Vysarpadi joined the meeting. The program started with a prayer followed by a small icebreaker game for the students and the staff. The students from Thiruvanmiyur and Saidapet entertained the audience with their energetic dance performances. The true meaning of...
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Digital Education

Who would have guessed 2020 would start like this? These are times when major disruptions to our normal life has turned everything upside down due to the current pandemic situation. As we focus on education for children, we have noticed that from schools to universities facing dilemma on how to run fair exams or online classrooms. The major barrier has been the digital divide that not all students have proper access to internet and computers (or even electricity in case for our children) to make this viable. Kids.R.ok initiated a...
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Covid-19 Relief

We have got stories from our project areas in Chennai – our children’s families who mostly are daily age earners are struggling to make ends meet Your generosity will make a big difference for poor families from venturing out fighting this virus spread. We would like thank our donors who were so prompt to our outreach to help 110 daily wage earning families living in the slums where our children come from, to get immediate essential food assistance. The positive attitude of our team has indeed trickled down to the...
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Science day with the children

                                                                January 22, 2018   I am writing this report to share my experience of having a science day at our Thriuvanmiyur centre.  6 of my friends came along with me. It was a very good experience for all of us. We shared few moral stories with them, and performed 2 basic science experiments and explained them the phenomena...
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