+46 765808517 info@kidsrok.org SWISH: 1236954358

How does our Team function?

The world changes constantly for good and bad. For our organization to stay in touch with current needs and provide resources, we want to stay lean in our organization efficiency, by identifying needs and creating solutions.

Our team consists of committed volunteers from USA, Sweden and India. The team members with their expertise in various fields like designing, marketing, programming, accounting etc, aide in making Kids.R.ok to be a highly competent children’s education aid organization.

The team chips in with their time and personal money to run the administration costs. We communicate through slack, whatsapp and skype to coordinate events. Though the tasks are at times intermingled, US team focuses primarily on fund raising activities, the Swedish team with the strategy and the Indian team with the ground operations for the running projects.

We would like to point out that all our team members have regular day jobs and they take their time to give another 100% to kids.R.ok. We salute them all for their hard work, perseverance and wonderful God given talents to use it for the betterment of the children in need.

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