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Thiruvanmiyur Project Reflections

When Sunjeet first took me along to visit the Thiruvanmiyur project, then run by Karunakarya, I must confess, I was a little envious of the kids there. And why wouldn’t I be, they live right on the beach! A setting sun over a blue sea when we came in, and a beautiful moonlight reflecting off the waters, on our way out, nothing could stop one from falling in love with this place. This was definitely a project I was already looking forward to. How it all started: The Thiruvanmiyur project...
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Saidapet Slum Education Project

Hiding behind a towering CSI Church, an Amma canteen and an open railway line, is this small neighbourhood of Saidapet slum, where the dreams of a kid are bigger than his one room house for a family of 5. The first time I visited this neighborhood, I was struck by the contrast between the bright enthusiasm of the teacher, Ms. Sumathi, against the backdrop of her dingy little house. Her dreams were big and SELFLESS. It was clear that she will dedicate herself to these kids’ education, come what may....
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Bake Sale at Linköping University, Sweden

Fika is a central concept in Swedish culture. Fika means having something small to eat, often together with a cup of coffee or tea. While looking for some way to raise funds at my University I got inspired by the bake sale the kids.R.ok team in New York hosted some months ago. If a bake sale was a success in the US, having a bake sale in this fika-craving country should be even easier. So said and done, I started spreading my idea among my friends to see if anyone...
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Relief Efforts Chennai Flood

It was heartening to see the response of people to help the affected children living in Saidapet slums. The kids.R.ok team in Chennai (India) did an incredible job of collecting aid from compassionate donors and delivering the materials to children directly. 250 children who lost their belongings in the floods received new clothes, shoes, school bags, notebooks and stationary items from kids.R.ok. kids.R.ok team were swiftly led by our Indian Director Sunjeet Sudhir and our visiting American Director Rebecca Solomon. Team members like Mahesh Madhaven, Roy Robinson and Adeline Ashok...
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